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Bug#250331: xserver-xfree86: wacom graphire ii doesn't work together with linux kernel 2.6.5

Hello Branden

> > Using the new kernel 2.6.5 (build from the debian-kernel-source) and
> > using the exact same configuration as in 2.4.x, the wacom graphire II
> > mouse I am using doesn't work. This seems to be an incompatiblity of
> > xfree86 with the new kernel.
> Okay.  May I ask why you think this bug should have been filed against
> xserver-xfree86 instead of the Linux kernel?

Oh. Yes. You are right. I should have filed this bug against the
kernel. I am sorry. This is the first bug I ever filed on debian.org.
Should I refile this bug under the kernel?

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