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Bug#242664: xserver-xfree86: x-based apps take way too long to open, and the load goes up to 2-5

On Wed, 2004-05-05 at 06:58, simon@nuit.ca wrote:
> Le Tue, Apr 20, 2004 at 21:46:02 -0500, Branden Robinson a écrit:
> [...]
> ok, further to our convo a couple of weeks ago (?), i've been testing
> the dfsg versioned .debs, and i still get the same symptoms, but the
> load doesn't go as high, nor does it take 5-10 minutes, but does take
> longer than a minute to open an x-based app. i've tried both the
> "dri-enabled" xserver i have installed (from michel daenzer's archive) and
> the distributed one, and both behave similarly. load hovers around 1-3
> instead of 2-5, and like i said, about 1 minute or sometimes more 
> (depending on the application). the wait is a noticable one. for
> instance gnome takes 10+ minutes to start, instead of about 5+ minutes.
> you asked me once on #debian-devel if it was the server or the clients
> that drove up the load, i had replied to you it was the clients. it's
> still true, as i see openbox and other clients use up a lot of cpu
> starting up. 

All the apps you've mentioned use Xft and fontconfig; does the problem
also occur with clients that don't use those?

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