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Bug#242664: xserver-xfree86: x-based apps take way too long to open, and the load goes up to 2-5

Le Tue, Apr 20, 2004 at 21:46:02 -0500, Branden Robinson a écrit:


ok, further to our convo a couple of weeks ago (?), i've been testing
the dfsg versioned .debs, and i still get the same symptoms, but the
load doesn't go as high, nor does it take 5-10 minutes, but does take
longer than a minute to open an x-based app. i've tried both the
"dri-enabled" xserver i have installed (from michel daenzer's archive) and
the distributed one, and both behave similarly. load hovers around 1-3
instead of 2-5, and like i said, about 1 minute or sometimes more 
(depending on the application). the wait is a noticable one. for
instance gnome takes 10+ minutes to start, instead of about 5+ minutes.

you asked me once on #debian-devel if it was the server or the clients
that drove up the load, i had replied to you it was the clients. it's
still true, as i see openbox and other clients use up a lot of cpu
starting up. 

i'm re-installing 4.3.0-5 again as that's the last one that behaved as

oh and a hardware change: more RAM was added, that might account for the
"less slowness" change, but i had 216 MB before, and now it's 448 MB
RAM. i kind of doubt that would change things much, except for less
swapping (i have background daemons running).

again, it's an 8500, with an ati rage lt pro card (and first time i
noticed this behaviour i was running off of controlfb / fbdev xserver
driver (the onboard video basically).

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