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Bug#234535: xserver dies if I start gimp with LANG=no_NO.UTF-8

On Thu, 2004-04-22 at 11:27, Helge Hafting wrote:
> Branden Robinson wrote:
> > On Wed, Apr 21, 2004 at 01:28:00PM +0200, Helge Hafting wrote:
> > 
> >>Branden Robinson wrote:
> Core was generated by `/usr/bin/X11/X -dpi 100 -nolisten tcp'.
> Program terminated with signal 6, Aborted.


> Previous frame inner to this frame (corrupt stack?)
Indeed, the backtrace looks rather bogus to me.

The crash is likely related to fonts. Does it also occur with
xserver-xfree86-dbg? If yes, please try to get a backtrace with that,
and maybe try not using font servers. Otherwise, try not loading the
freetype module.

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