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Re: person needed to build and test XFree86 trunk for 4.3.0-3 release

On Sat, Feb 28, 2004 at 04:33:28PM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
> A couple of days ago, James Troup emailed me and asked me to expedite
> the release of 4.3.0-3, because the library postrm is very hard on the
> buildds.
> I agreed.
> Unfortunately, my primary home box, a Blue & White PowerMac G3, has
> developed erratic problems with memory over the past couple of says.
> gcc segfaults non-reproducibly, and Mozilla and the X server have also
> spontaneously segfaulted.
> I cannot get 4.3.0-3 built on this machine in this state, so I would
> like a volunteer (a Debian Developer, for accountability purposes) to
> build the XFree86 trunk in SVN, revision 1115, and test the resulting
> packages.
> Unless you happen to build on powerpc I will be unable to test the
> packages myself, so I will rely on you to do the testing.  I will sign
> and upload the packages on your testimony that they test all right.

Well, if nobody steps up, i can do the build this afternoon. I have a
powerpc box with enough disk space and a 1GHz G4, so it should be ok,
and so you could test it afterward.

I don't think i have access to your SVN repo though, so if you could
maybe mail me the .diff.gz, i would be glad to build it.


Svne Luther

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