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Re: X Strike Force XFree86 SVN commit: r1081 - trunk/debian

X Strike Force SVN Repository Admin <branden+svnadmin@deadbeast.net> wrote:
> Log:
> Stop passing -q to fgrep if we actually want output from it.  Duh.
> Thanks again to Filip Van Raemdonck.
>       observe "removing $dir directory from $ldsoconf"
> -      fgrep -qsvx "$dir" "$ldsoconf" > "$ldsoconf.dpkg-tmp"
> +      fgrep -svx "$dir" "$ldsoconf" > "$ldsoconf.dpkg-tmp"
>       mv "$ldsoconf.dpkg-tmp" "$ldsoconf"
>     fi
>   fi

As noted by Filip Van Raemdonck in #233645 you'll also need to add
'|| true'.

Otherwise if $ldsoconf contains _only_ $dir then
'fgrep -svx "$dir" "$ldsoconf' will return an error and the script will
exit prematurely.

BTW Thanks for the work.
              cu andreas

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