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Re: Re: Machine hangs/screen hangs with newer kernels + GL screensavers

Michel Daenzer wrote:
> Ariel Garcia wrote:
> > both on my desktop and my laptop i am getting strange hangs
> > when running XFree packages (both debian testing/unstable,
> > 4.2.1-{12.1,15}) with the newer linux kernels. This happens
> > for me since one of the 2.5.5* kernels (and it still happens
> > with 2.6.0) and now i also checked the same happens with
> > 4.2.23 (but doesn't happen with 4.2.22).

> Sounds like it's related to the newer DRM.

> > bingo, yes, i made a test with the newer kernels + the old
> > xfree 4.2 but disabling dri (taking out the dri module line
> > in the XFree86 config file) and it worked ok (quite slow of
> > course but that was to be expected  ;-)

I can confirm this. I got just the same problem on my laptop, a Dell with an ATI Radeon card, X version 4.2.1-12.1. When I start glxgears on kernel 2.4.23 or 2.6.0-test9, it all hangs. No problems on 2.4.22 (or earlier), which were configured just the same as .23, apart from the low latency patches (which aren't available yet for .23).

Should I file a bug in the BTS?


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