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Re: Machine hangs/screen hangs with newer kernels + GL screensavers

Hi Michel,

thanks a lot for your prompt answer :-)

> > both on my desktop and my laptop i am getting strange hangs when
> > running XFree packages (both debian testing/unstable, 4.2.1-{12.1,15})
> > with the newer linux kernels. This happens for me since one of the
> > 2.5.5* kernels (and it still happens with 2.6.0) and now i also
> > checked the same happens with 4.2.23 (but doesn't happen with 4.2.22).
> > With the 2.5/2.6 kernels i checked the same happens with acpi
> > disabled.
> Sounds like it's related to the newer DRM.

bingo, yes, i made a test with the newer kernels + the old xfree 4.2 but 
disabling dri (taking out the dri module line in the XFree86 config file) 
and it worked ok (quite slow of course but that was to be expected  ;-)

> FWIW, I can run all screensavers from the kscreensaver package from sid
> on my TiBook with a Mobility Radeon 9000 running a 2.6 kernel with my
> DRI snapshot packages described in
> http://dri.sourceforge.net/snapshots/README.Debian without problems. The
> XFree86 4.3 packages in experimental may also work better.

I tried your packages but they do not have MIT-AUTH support compiled in 
(that is a small ("non-free") extra patch if i remember correctly) so i 
decided to try first the XFree4.3 debian-experimental packages and they 
work flawlessly :-)
 (btw, didn't try that before because the experimental area is still 
unavailable, now i found a mirror...)

Thanks for your help,


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