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Bug#219311: xdm: Default install missing referenced config files

severity 219311 minorwishlist
retitle 219311 xdm: messages about missing session scripts such as Xreset should be warnings, not errors
tag 219311 = upstream

On Wed, Nov 12, 2003 at 09:17:19PM -0800, sand@blarg.net wrote:
> So it exited, started up, exited shortly thereafter, started up again,
> exited shortly thereafter, etc.  Something was screwed up.
> >From your comments, it looks like XDM was handling the missing Xsetup
> and Xreset files correctly.  The message just needs to be downgraded
> from "xdm error" to "xdm warning".
> The more interesting issue is that the normal X server messages are
> missing.  That's why I focused on the XDM errors in the first place.
> I expect those missing messages are related to the X failure, but I
> can't say for sure because (all together now!) I can't reproduce it.
> Running X through XDM is working fine now.
> So yeah, either close it, or mark it as a "wishlist" item to change
> "error" to "warning".

Okay, doing so; thanks for the prompt follow-up!

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