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Bug#218615: xserver-xfree86: Crash in "Return To Castle Wolfenstein" causes mouse pointer to hang.


Sorry for the long delay, it seems this is extremely hard to reproduce.

Branden Robinson schrieb:
> A couple of observations:
> 1) You're using NVidia's proprietary server driver.  I can't support
>    that.  Can you reproduce the problem using a different brand of video
>    card, or with the "vesa" or "vga" drivers?
My nvidia card just gave up and I have an ATI Radeon card now. I'll see
if I can reproduce this bug with the new card.

> 2) It sounds like RTCW had the pointer grabbed when it died.  Most of
>    what you saw was probably to be expected, then.
Some people disagree. An acquaintance of mine stated that according to
the xlib protocol specification an X-Client should not be able to stop
the mouse pointer under any circumstances.

Also the manpage of XGrabPointer states:
The X server performs an UngrabPointer request automatically if the event
window or confine_to window for an active pointer grab becomes not viewable
or if window reconfiguration causes the confine_to window to lie completely
outside the boundaries of the root window.

According to said acquaintance this should also happen when the
connection to the X Server is closed.

> Of course, it's not good that the X client crashed, but that's
> proprietary software, too.
I was not reporting a bug about Return To Castle Wolfenstein.

My general assumption (which may be false) is that an X Client (however
buggy) should not be able to crash the X Server or make it unusable.

> So I guess the bug here is that the mouse's acceleration parameters got
> messed up?

Next time this client crashes I'll take the time to investigate if
there's any window or running process left, which could grab the

Kind regards
        Friedrich Delgado Friedrichs <friedel@nomaden.org>

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