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Bug#187218: xserver-xfree86: Wrong update of system

Il 9 Nov 2003 alle 10:00 Daniel Stone immise in rete
> On Sat, Nov 08, 2003 at 06:29:13PM +0100, Leonardo Boselli wrote: >
>> [this report, in part, apply also to woody and sid using 4.2.1-13] >
>> After upgrading i do not longer have access to port 6000, that is, I
> The answer to the question you asked is that X is now called with
> -nolisten tcp (I believe there is a Debconf note about this); Michel
> answered your real question, however.

Right, but the real bug is not THIS one .
It is that the upgrade DOES NOT read the previous configuration files, so
while other packages, if you give the default reply (that is you hit return), 
maintains the current setting, and make new setting based on previous 
one, this packege completely ignore older config files (althought it make a 
backup of them).
second microbug: why the bug is still tagged as "unreproducible"? I had 
the same problem on 5 different machines, whith 3 different distributions !

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