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Bug#219551: Unicode xterms should do some kind of substitution for missing characters

#include <hallo.h>
* Cameron Patrick [Sun, Nov 09 2003, 08:32:54PM]:
> On Sun, Nov 09, 2003 at 12:37:43PM +0100, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> | > That may be so, but gnome-terminal /does/ cope with this situation by
> | > displaying replacing the hyphen with a minus sign when the font doesn't
> | 
> | Then gnome-terminal is broken and deservers a bug report.
> I disagree.  gnome-terminal is behaving as intended, i.e., displaying
> the nearest character to a hyphen present in the font it was instructed
> to use.
> Incidentally, below are screenshots of "man rm" on three different
> terminal emulators.  In order of increasing brokenness of display:
> http://cp.yi.org/cameron/hyphen/gnome-terminal.png
> http://cp.yi.org/cameron/hyphen/xterm.png

Okay, I see your problem now, the terminal emulator _may_ replace the
presented chars with equivalents in the font. But it's hell of work if
done right, it has to check every char, locate most similar character
in some encodings map and replace it. I expect xterm to become slower
and more memory consuming if this will ever be implemented. However, why
do you not just set the locale to Latin1 if your X-Terminal/X-Server
does not support Unicode fonts?

> | They should not. They implement an UTF-8 terminal correctly,
> | gnome-terminal does not if I follow your explanation.
> gnome-terminal, like other GTK2 apps, deals gracefully with fonts with

I think you mean libpango and not Gtk2. Many Gnome applications use

> missing characters.  Konsole, like other KDE/Qt apps, does not.

As said, this would make them slower. Setting the locale to the one best
supported by the X-Server is easier.

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