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Bug#219551: Unicode xterms should do some kind of substitution for missing characters

#include <hallo.h>
* Cameron Patrick [Sun, Nov 09 2003, 01:15:53PM]:

> | That's not a problem with the certain terminal emulator, that is a
> | problem with groff syntax not understood by many authors. Xterm works
> | just fine as UTF-8 terminal as well as mlterm/pterm/konsole/gnome-terminal
> | but the manpages simply specify the wrong char.
> That may be so, but gnome-terminal /does/ cope with this situation by
> displaying replacing the hyphen with a minus sign when the font doesn't

Then gnome-terminal is broken and deservers a bug report.

> contain the former.  Konsole and xterm do not.  xterm is my preferred

They should not. They implement an UTF-8 terminal correctly,
gnome-terminal does not if I follow your explanation. Though I could
imagine this character replacement as an option, so the user may enable
it he likes it.

> terminal emulator and it would be nice to see it cope gracefully with
> incomplete fonts---and after all, I would imagine that in the majority
> of fonts there exists some Unicode character which is missing and
> another similar character which could be substituted for it.

Hyphens are not missing. They are meant to be hyphens and should be
presented as hyphens and not as some other char.

> | It was promised that groff will recode hyphen to minus sign in some
> | future version (maybe as an option) to work around broken manpages.
> That would be a workaround for this particular case - which is admittedly
> the only that I've noticed.

That will be the only sane workaround except of fixing the actual
problems in the manpages.

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