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Bug#216933: update; log

Siward wrote:
>  here's my 2c , just a long shot ...
>  did you consider that it could be a hardware problem,
>    e.g. in the videocard ?
>  i heard of thermal defects that can do things like this,
>    e.g. a cracked solderjoint opening/closing a connection
>    depending on temperature 
>  if you take your harddisk to another box,
>    then does problem appear at that box ?
>  anything unusual about 30-31 oct ?
>    (all bugs went on strike to protest harassment by debian developers ? :-)

I suppose that this could be a hardware problem. Since my hardware is a
laptop, I have not tried something like running the hard drive elsewhere
and it's more complicated than isolating a potential hardware problem on
a desktop. I live in a very thermally varied environment, but there has
really been little special about the days it failed vs the days it did
not; more significantly it has failed at all times of day, which
involves temperature ranges of up +-40 degrees here. For example, on 3
Nov, the 11 am failure would have been around 70 degrees; the 11 pm
failure more like 45 degrees.

Perhaps I should try a proprietary X server, a different X driver
(VESA)? Or install X in a stable chroot. If I can reproduce the problems
in any of those, it would be a hardware or kernel problem, right now my
money is still on the X server.

(FWIW, I can reproduce the problem running X programs such as xterm,
from stable, on another computer with the DISPLAY set back to my laptop.)

see shy jo

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