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Bug#216933: update; log

I'm not sure why this bug is tagged moreinfo; I have responded to all
requests for information.

Since I reported the bug, I have begun keeping a log of each occurance,
to try to work out what triggers it. I cannot see a pattern though. Here
is my current log:

26 Oct

fail: 5:10 pm
action: had just closed 4 tabs in firebird, switched to xterm, ran
        freecraft, died on startuo
resolution: waited until 9:30pm, no change
	noticed that unclutter can be run and works despite X problems
	reboot @12:19 am

27 Oct

fail: ~1:10 pm
action: browsing in firebird
resolution: fixed itself by ~1:30 pm

28 Oct

fail: 3:02 pm
action: using xchat's menus
resoluttion: fixed itself by 3:50 pm (possibly 20 minutes earlier)

fail: 7:30 pm
action: opening xmms file selector
resolution: reboot @10:26 pm

29 Oct

fail: 1:54 pm
action: switching to firebird
resolution: remained broken until at least 4:30 pm; fixed itself by 5:57 pm

fail: 7:14 pm
action: opening a web page in firebird
resolution: reboot @8:24 pm

30-31 Oct

No occurrances depsite frequent use of all programs mentioned above in log.

1 Nov

fail: 8:14 pm
action: had just booted, ran bochs
resolution: immediate reboot

fail: 9:07 pm
action: starting bochs
resolution: immediate reboot :-(

2 Nov

fail: 6 pm
action: starting bochs for the N+1th time today
resolution: immediate reboot :-(

3 Nov

fail: 11:30 am
action: using xchat
resoluton: immediate reboot

fail: 10:43 pm
uptime: 3:50
action: starting vmware config wizard, after just starting vmware
resolution: immediate reboot

see shy jo

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