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Re: 4.3.0 building on sid broken

On Tue, Sep 09, 2003 at 08:15:19PM -0500, Warren Turkal wrote:
> Daniel Stone wrote:
> > I saw that, and I can't help but think it's a local issue: I've had no
> > issue on i386 and powerpc, chroot or no chroot, up-to-date sid. What
> > filesystem are you running? Do you have enough space? Are the permissions
> > all OK?
> no chroot
> my sid is up-to-date
> ext3
> 16GB on the build partition
> Permissions are default after untarring the orig and exporting a debian dir
> from the svn into the hierarchy.
> I redownloaded the orig.tar.gz and exported a snapshot from svn. Right now,
> I am trying to build on i386 with somewhere pre-revision 464 (synaptics
> driver add).

If you want synaptics, I suggest you get branches/4.3.0/sid, and then pull
MANIFEST.*, xserver-xfree86.install.* and patch #066 from

:) d

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