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Bug#31396: xbase-clients: no manpages for xkbbell, xkbvleds, xkbwatch

On Sun, Jul 13, 2003 at 02:00:40PM -0500, Kevin Kreamer wrote:
> Attached is a man page for xkbbell.  Any feedback you could give
> would help me improve this man page and help me in writing ones for
> xkbvleds and xkbwatch.

It looks pretty good, except for the fact that it's written in
post-processed format.  I also feel that the licensing statement is too
vague; it's probably better to put the manpage under an explicit MIT/X
Consortium-style license.

However, I can't fault the technical content, so with a little massage
from a nitpicky person like me, it should be good for an upstream patch.

Thanks a lot.  If you don't mind me performing that massage I'll see
what I can do.

Please do write manpages for the other two tools if you're so inclined.

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