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Re: xineramify_xscreensaver.diff?

On Mon, May 26, 2003 at 02:35:36PM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
> On Mon, May 26, 2003 at 02:36:35AM -0700, Jamie Zawinski wrote:
> > You wrote:
> > >
> > > -  * debian/patches/000_stolen_from_HEAD_xineramify_xscreensaver.diff (new):
> > > -    + New patch from XFree86 HEAD to add Xinerama support to xscreensaver.
> > 
> > Nobody has ever sent me such a patch for xscreensaver -- what does it
> > do?  (There has been Xinerama support in xscreensaver since, I think,
> > 1998.)
> I neither wrote this patch, nor am I the person who borrowed the changes
> in question from XFree86 CVS HEAD.

Right. Mark Vojkovitch made the changes and committed them to XFree86
CVS HEAD, and I applied said changes to the Debian patches.

> I hadn't previously scrutinized this patch, but it appears to add
> Xinerama/"PanoramiX" support to the XScreenSaver protocol extension that
> is part of the Xext shared library, and has nothing to do with
> "xscreensaver", the application which is, I am given to understand by
> the prominent declarations all over it, written and copyrighted by you,
> Jamie Zawinski.

Again, correct.

> > I poked around on debian.org, but I can't figure out if there exists any
> > way to see the ways in which you've modified my program without actually
> > installing Debian.  Is there?
> * The text you're quoting is a changelog entry from a Debian-format
>   package that was never prepared for, or released to, the Debian
>   distribution.

It was released to penguinppc.org and several other mirrors of my
packages, but never to the Debian distribution.

> * *I* haven't modified your program in any way.  As far as I can tell
>   from browsing the patch, it doesn't either.  XFree86 and xscreensaver
>   are separately packaged in the Debian Project, which only makes sense
>   as they have different upstream sources.  Perhaps Daniel Stone, who
>   wrote the above entry, is confused about the nature of the patch, or
>   did not explain it clearly enough.

I don't think I did explain it clearly enough. I was told by several
Xinerama users that the attached patch was required to fix screensaver
(not just jwz's 'xscreensaver', but kscreensaver and others), in
Xinerama setups. When I applied, it apparently fixed the problems; I
can't actually remember the cases it fixed.

> The patch in question is attached.  As you can see, it modifies only the
> source code of the XFree86 distribution.

Indeed, the XFree86 extension named 'xscreensaver', not the jwz app
named 'xscreensaver'.

Daniel Stone                                     <dstone@trinity.unimelb.edu.au>
Developer, Trinity College, University of Melbourne

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