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Re: X Strike Force SVN commit: rev 69 - branches/4.3.0/sid/debian

On Mon, May 26, 2003 at 08:48:23AM -0500, X Strike Force SVN Admin wrote:
> Author: daniel
> Date: 2003-05-26 08:48:12 -0500 (Mon, 26 May 2003)
> New Revision: 69
> Modified:
>    branches/4.3.0/sid/debian/control
> Log:
> Changed references to libstdc++5-dev to libstdc++5-dev | libstdc++-dev, allowing
> libstdc++5-3.3-dev to satisfy the dependency, and thus gcc3.2 to be deleted.
> (closes: #194136)

This is a changelog-worthy commit, so please commit a change to the
changelog as part of the same changeset in the future.

More importantly, when this bug was first reported, several old timers
and I had a long conversation on OPN's #debian-devel channel about what
dependencies of -dev packages really mean.  There are at least three
possibilities, and no Policy on which is controlling:

1) just what the package actually needs to install successfully (which
   is usually nothing);
2) just packages containing header files referenced by the headers in
   the package;
3) 2), plus -dev packages of any libraries that would necessarily be
   linked against when people compile something linked with an object in
   the -dev.

Questions for debian-{x,devel}:

1) Should libstdc++-dev dependencies be made "artificially" strict in
packages destined for sid so that it's harder for packages built
against, say, libstdc++3 to accidentally sneak in and start regressing
the C++ ABI transition progress?

2) Is libstdc++5-3.3 ABI-compatible with libstdc+5?  Does the former
have any symbols that the latter lacks?

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