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Bug#185207: XFree86 problems with 3dfx Voodoo3 on a Performa6400

Package: XFree86

I have difficulties starting gdm in Debian Linux with my Performa 6400 and a
3dfx Voodoo3 2000 cards. I have tried a lot of different settings, but none
works. The screen blanks a few number of times while attempting to start the
X system, but finally it fails and give up, and return to text mode (which
works fine)

The text screen behaviour changes when I change the colour depth. Either it
changes colors, or the text gets distorted or become glyphs...

I have attached the XF86Config-4 file and the log file.

I hope you can help me, or can fix the problem. Searching the net has not
helped me. I have tried many different suggestions, but none seems to solve
the problem.

     Soren Ilsoe
     Brandholms Alle 49
     DK2610 Røoovre

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