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Huge Memory Usage in X UPDATED

  I wrote a while back about a problem where X apps used huge amounts of memory
and I was just told that it was probably my fault somewhere, well, after switching
the offending machine to Gentoo (I still use Debian on the other ones that work
fine), I found I had the same problem.  Turns out that I had to recompile fontconfig
AFTER compiling XFree86 and installing it!  I don't know exactly why that is,
but if you're reading this (Branden) and want to know more, do a search on the
gentoo.org bug list for something relating to fontconfig.  This affected me
with any new install of Debian (of which I did 4 or 5 after the first few weeks
with the problem), so I think it is essential to be fixed in the binaries somehow.
 The affected system ran an NVidia video card (but this problem was both using
the NVidia drivers and the nv drivers of XFree86).  I hope this helps.

Hesham Hassan

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