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Bug#169308: xserver-xfree86: LCD blanks and won't unblank -> kernel bug?

Chris Halls writes:
 > I read this in Kernel Traffic #192.  Could this be your problem?

I don't think so.  The problem below occurs as a result of fbdev
suspending and shows up after resume.  My problem is when the screen
blanks after being idle for a while, and doing suspend/resume fixes
it.  Also, I don't use fbdev, because I don't get a working display at
all with it.

That said, I can pull down this kernel and give it a try.

Jerry Quinn

 > ------------------
 > 1. Linux 2.4.20-rc1 Released
 >  Topics: Filesystems, Framebuffer, Source Control
 > 29 Oct  - 8 Nov  (8 posts) Archive Link: "Linux 2.4.20-rc1"
 > Marcelo Tosatti announced 2.4.20-rc1 and included the BitKeeper summary. He
 > said, "Several networking fixes, net drivers fixes, devfs root boot option
 > fixed, and more." Carl-Daniel Hailfinger reported that his system would come
 > back up with a blank screen after a hardware suspend and resume. Switching
 > to another console and back again would fix it. He traced the problem to
 > 2.4.18-pre7, in the power management code; and Marcelo asked if he'd
 > actually reverted the part of the code he'd identified. Carl tried this and
 > found that his initial assessment was wrong. Instead, he traced the problem
 > all the way back to some framebuffer changes in 2.4.18-pre1. He posted a

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