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Re: i845 patch for 4.2.1 debs

I don't recall what your specific problem was, but I emailed upstream
to see if they could easily give us a patch to fix the i845 driver so
that it would respect the refresh rate settings in the XF86Config-4
file, but they said that it would be too difficult. 

The i845 driver does provide 2d acceleration, it just doesn't respect
refresh rate settings, so it can't be used with lcd screens. 

On Mon, Nov 25, 2002 at 12:51:58PM -0600, Scott Dier wrote:
> * Michael Cardenas <mbc@debian.org> [103102 12:00]:
> > I might email upstream and ask them if they can show me what part of
> > the patch fixes that problem, because its a very large patch. (I also
> > might just wait for 4.3 to be released!)
> No pressure, (I've told the locals who bought i845 chipset machines that
> they are SOL for a few months at best) but is there any new information
> on this?  I'm willing to look into it later this year if nothing new has
> happened by then. (After school gets out, most likely.)
> Of course, I might just wait for 4.3 too.
> Thanks.

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