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Re: XServer broken after upgrade - more informations

On Die, 2002-11-19 at 10:52, Pascal Mainini wrote:
> >> Another thing I saw in the XServer-log in /var/log/messages is
> >> that there seems to be a problem with the drm (what is that?).
> >
> >The Direct Rendering Manager is needed for 3D hardware acceleration.
> >
> >You only need to make sure the agpgart kernel module is loaded before
> >the radeon kernel module.
> As I could see, no modules are loaded, I think I was able to 
> compile the kernel so that it contains all needed modules.
> If the modules are built-in, how can I ensure the order in which
> they are loaded?

You can't, but they will be initialized in the right order in that case.
If AGP isn't available, that may mean your AGP chipset isn't supported
yet or that you have to pass special boot parameters at least.

> TuxRacer runs at a terrible performance. Could this be the problem
> you said above with the agpart and the radeon-module?

Yes, with DRI disabled it runs with software rendering.

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