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Re: XServer broken after upgrade - more informations


>Perfectly right. It's a mismatch of the line pitch between radeonfb
>the radeon driver we've had with the r128 before. The quick
>is to tell it not to use the framebuffer device.

After the posting of Scott Henson, I disabled the framebuffer
and now everything works right. Thanks a lot!

>> Another thing I saw in the XServer-log in /var/log/messages is
>> that there seems to be a problem with the drm (what is that?).
>The Direct Rendering Manager is needed for 3D hardware acceleration.
>You only need to make sure the agpgart kernel module is loaded before
>the radeon kernel module.

As I could see, no modules are loaded, I think I was able to 
compile the kernel so that it contains all needed modules.
If the modules are built-in, how can I ensure the order in which
they are loaded?

A small question by the way - I think it's offtopic and it isn't
important - just thought that there are lots of good people in here
which may have an idea. Simply don't answer if I'm OT:

TuxRacer runs at a terrible performance. Could this be the problem
you said above with the agpart and the radeon-module?

Thanks a lot, you were very helpful,

Pascal Mainini

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