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Bug#168601: default {x|g|k|w}dm: why not "disable" as a choice

#include <hallo.h>
* Branden Robinson [Fri, Nov 15 2002, 09:54:34PM]:

> Imagine you misconfigured sendmail, e.g., you've got it configured as an
> open relay.  You see the problem and type "/etc/init.d/sendmail stop"

Sendmail does not start hardware related things, having a chance to
crash the box immediately.

> 1) Learn how to disable a misbehaving daemon if you don't know how to
> configure it, or a thing it launches.

Come on - xdm postinst does not ask whether the user wishes to launch it
when installed, or launch it at all. In facht, I consider filing bug
reports against every *dm packages because of this policy. Take ssh as
example, it asks you whether it should be executed or not.

> 2) CTRL-R (man xdm)
> > Something we should have as alternative instead of hacking some config
> > files with postinst scripts.
> Who is hacking files with postinst scripts?

The *dm packages.

Definition of Windows 9x:
A 32 bit upgrade to a 16 bit extensions for an 8 bit operating system
designed to run on a 4 bit processor by a 2 bit company that doesnŽt
like 1 bit of competition.

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