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Bug#168601: default {x|g|k|w}dm: why not "disable" as a choice

#include <hallo.h>
* Branden Robinson [Tue, Nov 12 2002, 04:52:46AM]:

> > The content of /etc/X11/default-display-manager can be "null" or
> > any bogus word like "disabled" if this option is chosen.
> I don't see why this is preferable to two other mechanisms that Debian
> uses for the disabling of daemons:
> 1) editing /etc/init.d/* scripts to exit 0 near the top
> 2) removing the package

Are both not mechanisms but cludges, appliable by an admin. Even the
fact XDM is not started during the installation is a potentialy
dangerous surprise.

> Why, in particular, do display managers need a brand new mechanism?

They do not. They need a clean way to be disabled _easily_. Look at
SuSE. They have a runlevel where x-display-managers starts. They have a
runlevel where X does not start. Easy understandable, well described in
the misc. howtos, so easy to change. Look at Debian. You have to modify
some file to stop it (=break it, psychological barrier). Not a "normal"
config file, some script.

Or you want to change the login-manager. Why cannot you install multiple
at the same time? They could be managed with an x-login-manager
alternative, very easy.

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