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Bug#169019: (startx fails to start x from console). FIX

On Thu, Nov 14, 2002 at 10:40:46PM -0600, Warren Turkal wrote:

> Why not explicitly say --color=no?

Because that introduces a dependency on GNU ls, and may break things
on BSD or odd Debian ports (Debian Solaris, for example).  And it has
no corresponding benefits to make up for the lack of portability &

> There are env vars that can override default behavior if you are not
> careful, aren't there?

Not as far as I can see -- if you know of any, let me know so I can
file a bug report, ok?  The $LS_COLORS variable only affects things if
you have --colors=(always|auto).  Which is what we're trying so
carefully to avoid here.

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