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Bug#169019: (startx fails to start x from console). FIX

On Thu, Nov 14, 2002 at 11:40:46PM -0800, David Lawyer wrote:
> I have found the cause of this problem and its solution.  The problem is
> in the file /etc/Xsession (global Xsession file -- used by display
> managers and xinit (startx)) supplied by the xfree86-common package.  So
> please forward it to the maintainer of that package.
> In the above file there is function:
> run_parts () 
> which reads file names incorrectly if I'm at my console.  If I'm at a
> dumb terminal, it works fine and typing startx will start x OK.  The
> line in run_parts () that reads the files in directory $1 incorrectly is:
>   for F in $(ls $1); do
> Well, I've set up directory colors on my Linux box so that files are
> color-coded by type of file.  I do this in my /etc/profile file:
> if [ $TERM = linux ]; then 		# set LS_COLOR environment variable
>     eval `dircolors`;
>     ls () { command ls --color $* ; }

that should really be ls --color=auto, so that ls does what you expect
when piping the result, for example. Nobody wants to grep escape codes.

as to Xsession, it would be a good idea to either use unalias, or call
ls by full name (i.e. /bin/ls). That's what the pesky


is for at the top of a load of scripts...

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