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Bug#169239: xbase-clients: The xbiff should display hostname as "hint"

Package: xbase-clients
Version: 4.1.0-16
Severity: wishlist

Hi Developer!

  I used to run xbiff remotely more then once. Please include "hint" style (or
something similar) hostname (or FQDN) displaying. It would be useful when running
more than one xbiffs on different servers remotely.

Thanks: Nil.

PS: I know there are different ways for similar results, for example colors,
images. Please think with the dummy user's head :-)

-- System Information
Debian Release: 3.0
Kernel Version: Linux csomalin 2.4.19-rmap14b-xfs #2 Thu Nov 14 10:36:18 CET 2002 i686 unknown

Versions of the packages xbase-clients depends on:
ii  cpp            2.95.4-14      The GNU C preprocessor.
ii  debconf        1.0.32         Debian configuration management system
ii  libc6          2.2.5-11.2     GNU C Library: Shared libraries and Timezone
ii  libdps1        4.1.0-16       Display PostScript (DPS) client library
ii  libfreetype6   2.0.9-1        FreeType 2 font engine, shared library files
ii  libncurses5    5.2.20020112a- Shared libraries for terminal handling
ii  libxaw7        4.1.0-16       X Athena widget set library
ii  xlibmesa3      4.1.0-16       XFree86 version of Mesa 3D graphics library
ii  xlibs          4.1.0-16       X Window System client libraries
ii  xlibmesa3      4.1.0-16       XFree86 version of Mesa 3D graphics library
	^^^ (Provides virtual package libgl1)

--- Begin /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc (modified conffile)
exec /usr/bin/X11/X -dpi 100

--- End /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc

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