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Bug#168601: default {x|g|k|w}dm: why not "disable" as a choice

On Tue, Nov 12, 2002 at 09:41:20PM -0800, Osamu Aoki wrote:

> For the record I list few method to disable xdm|gdm|kdm|wdm,... in my
> reference:

You seem to have left out the proper way, the Debian Way(tm)!

 ~# dpkg --purge xdm gdm kdm wdm

It's silly to install daemons if you're not going to use them.  Other
distros may encourage (or even force) you to install bazillions of
things you don't use, but Debian doesn't.  That's one of the great
things about Debian.

I don't understand why we're having this debate.

Note: newbies don't cry about ?dm.  Newbies *like* ?dm.  And newbies
are *confused* by options, so adding another option, especially a
silly one like this, is NOT a benefit to newbies.  The only people who
may be crying are former RH/SuSE/etc. users who think all the world
should work like the system they're used to.  And let me tell you, in
my experience, once these people have the Debian Way(tm) explained to
them, they are universally OVERJOYED at Debian's far-more-sensible

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