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xfonts-base dependency version in x-window-system metapackage?

Today I was trying to upgrade a 4.2.0-pre1v2 machine to 4.2.1-3. I
installed the 4.2.1-3 version of x-window-system, but X failed to
launch, complaining about "could not find font 'fixed'". This was on a
machine that had been running 4.2.0 for a few weeks, so presumable the
config file was correct. I installed xfs and made sure that I
restarted the font server, but it still complained about the font and
refused to launch. 

The dependency in x-window-system for xfonts-ase is only >>4.0.0. Is
this still correct? Did some part of the font locations or font
configuration change between 4.2.0 and 4.2.1? 

I realize that we don't have to support users with unreleased versions
of your debs, but I'm just wondering if that dependency version is
still correct. 


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