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Bug#111050: xc/programs/rstart/contexts/@Aliases symlinks lost


       For  installation  ease,  the  "contexts" directory in the
       distribution contains a file "@Aliases" which lists a con­
       text name and aliases for that context.  This file is used
       to make symlinks in the contexts and commands directories.

i haven't downloaded the (large) debian source packages, but upstream
CVS certainly seems to have this @Aliases file:

and xc/programs/rstart/Imakefile looks to be doing the right things
with it (InstallAliases()):

perhaps this Imakefile install target is not being run or these links
are being lost during the debian packaging?

(for people reading this bug: a temporary workaround is to specify the
 existing context explicitly, ie "rstart -c x11r6 hostname command")

 - Gus

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