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Bug#168178: nvidia geforce2 mx 400 shows the same behaviour

package: xserver-xfree86
version: 4.2.1-3

packages from testing, latest driver from nvidia(1.0-3123) compiled against 2.4.19 and/or 2.4.20-rc1.

kernel reports "no more MTRRs available", the messages in XFree86.0.log are the same, except the driver reporting the warning is NV(0).

the message count is
123x (II) NV(0): Splitting WC range: base ......
5x   (==) NV(0): Write-combining range ....
118x (WW) NV(0): Failed to set up write combing range ...

finally the server doesn't start because:
"caught signal 11. server aborting"

let me know if you need more info.

thank you!

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