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Bug#165899: xlibs-dbg: no unstripped libs for /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/locale/common/*

On Wed, 23 Oct 2002 02:13:17 +0900
ISHIKAWA Mutsumi <ishikawa@linux.or.jp> wrote:

>  Some memory leaks of libX11 was fixed in XFree86 current CVS
> few days ago. Will the patch solves your problem?
>  438. Fix some memory leaks in libX11 i18n code (#A.1314, Olivier Chapuis).
> http://www.xfree86.org/pipermail/xpert/2002-October/021687.html
> http://www.xfree86.org/pipermail/xpert/2002-October/021893.html
>  Perhaps, it is better to merge this patch to next release (4.2.1-4)
> of xfree86 debian package.

I've tried

These changes seems to fix most of leaks I have seen.
#Though I don't know why Xfree() is prefered to XFree()

I'd be happy if they were applied to the next debian package.

MINAMI Hirokazu <minami@chem.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp>

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