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X 4.2 pre1v4 + Xinerama + Gatos


I have a Xinerama setup with a TNT and a R128 (ATI All-in-Wonder Pro) on
an SMP system (intel).
Of course, I have to disable the font server to make it work (I found
that and reported it on Xpert a while ago).

This setup works well with X 4.1 + Gatos drivers, but not with the pre
4.2 debs. If I use the Gatos drivers, Xv and tuner work (on the r128),
but X hangs the whole machine very often (often when using Xv or tuner
or galeon), and if I only use the pure debs, it doesn't hang but neither
Xv nor the tuner are accessible.
The logs seem to indicate that the stock X4.2 drivers don't support Xv.
Is that true, or just a misconfiguration from me ?
Has anyone managed to make these 4.2 debs work flawlessly with gatos ?


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