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RandR missing from pre1v3

Hi all.

I downloaded -pre1v3, and tried it against my ATI Radeon 64MB DDR
VIVO, with mixed results:

- DRI worked (that's up from the last time I looked :)
- X took a long time to start ("long" in comparison, nothing
serious, i.e. a several seconds longer than usual), and my
monitor seemed to loose sync (it put itself into DPMS suspend
- the RandR extension isn't supported by the Radeon driver.

The first is good, the second I dunno, the third is bad. My wife
has pretty bad vision, so it's xdm at 800x600 on my 19". However
I prefer something with more realestate, and while my current
setup works (I just switch to another console and startx on
another screen) it is far from optimal; I was waiting for RandR
so I could change screen size on the fly...

Is there any reason RandR isn't being included? AFAICT it isn't
in any of the servers (if that's so, why include xrandr -- the
program -- at all?).


John Lenton (john@vialibre.org.ar) -- Random fortune:
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		-- Ramón J. Sénder. (1902-1982) Escritor español. 

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