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Re: a small C program to test xdm's /dev/mem reading on your architecture


> The long story, for those interested:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-x/2002/debian-x-200208/msg00091.html
> (and read the whole thread)
> The short story:
> I need people with root on machines of your given architecture to
> compile and run the attached C program.  It consists of code borrowed
> from xdm's genauth.c program.

Done. I've submitted the output for HPPA boxes running 32 and 64-bit
kernels. Looks like they pass without any problem. I'll pass on the 
test results for an older 715/50 box (the other boxes were an A500 and

Secondly, I will open a big can a whoopass on anyone else I see
complaining about /dev/mem reading without providng a patch >:)

Branden is merely asking you to _test_ something.


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