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Re: mouse pointer shift

On Saturday 17 August 2002 00:34, Russell Neches wrote:

> I should probably add that the problem does go away if I disable the
> hardware cursor. I've been led to believe that this is a "bad thing."
> Is it? If software cursors suck in some subtle way, I won't be in
> front of this computer often enough to know fist hand.

I posted the same problem a short time ago as well, and disabling the
hardware cursor did help the problem, but didn't fix it completely.
It's so very intermittent that's it's hard to tell if a tweak has changed 
anything, but with hw_cursor disabled, the right shift will suddenly
correct itself as quicky as it started.  It might be 1 minute after the 
problem presents itself, or it might take 15 minutes, usually if it hasn't 
healed itself by then I'll reboot to maintain my sanity.  I have no idea
what triggers the problem, nor what slaps it back to reality.  Again, with 
intermittent nature of this, it *appears* that this is the case.  At any rate,
with hw_cursor enabled, I've never had it right itself on it's own, but 
perhaps I just haven't waited long enough.  The worst part is that a couple 
end users who have had the problem crop up repeatedly get whized off and just 
hit the reset button... I fear that one of these time fsck won't save the 
day.  :)

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