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access control issues in 4.2.0?

A few programs I've got seem to suddenly have issues with connecting to the
X server.

1) Cronjobs. I've got a Perl/Tk script that starts up every hour that
basically takes input and writes it to an Activity Log, so I can track what
I'm doing (useful. well, sometimes. :) ). With all previous X packages, this
works just fine. With 4.2.0, the script is denied access to the X server,
and the only way I've been able to grant it is to turn off access control.

I also had a small wrapper script for cronjobs that temporarily turned off
access control long enough to pop up a gdialog (think "xmessage workalike")
for reminding me of something (yeah, yeah, I know, dubious, but I couldn't
find any better way). xhost is denied access to the server now with 4.2.0,
where previously it worked.

2) Icedock will not run unless I disable access control. Same thing - only
started when I upgraded to 4.2.0.

Is this a new retightening of X security, or a bug? If the former, how can I
get X to allow these things to reconnect again? Despite my firewall, I don't
exactly want to go around with access control completely disabled all the
time. :)

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