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Re: Weird X problem with 4.2 on ATI Radeon

On Tue, Aug 06, 2002 at 05:30:53PM +0200, Héctor García Álvarez wrote:
> But (allways a but), suddently X started to break in a unreproductible
> way. 
> Sometimes (nothing in common that I'm aware of) it just messes up the
> screen (screen looks like old TVs out of sync with diagonal color lines
> across the window going up and down), and what it is even worst takes
> 100% of CPU (tested by logging from outside before crash) freezen the 
> computer.
> My question are:
> ¿Is this a known bug? ¿Solved somewhere?
> ¿How do I help to debug this? (Any tip welcome, never player around with
> X code).

Is there no way that you can forcibly reproduce this, or is it always that

You could try some of the other X branches. I would recommend the DRI branch
as packaged by Michel Dänzer:
http://penguinppc.org/~daenzer/debian/dri-trunk/ - keep in mind that this is
experimental; it will give you the fastest 3D though.

charl p. botha http://cpbotha.net/ http://visualisation.tudelft.nl/

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