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Weird X problem with 4.2 on ATI Radeon

Hi all

I'm finally using ATI Radeon module with my card thanks to Branden's

But (allways a but), suddently X started to break in a unreproductible
Sometimes (nothing in common that I'm aware of) it just messes up the
screen (screen looks like old TVs out of sync with diagonal color lines
across the window going up and down), and what it is even worst takes
100% of CPU (tested by logging from outside before crash) freezen the 
My question are:
¿Is this a known bug? ¿Solved somewhere?
¿How do I help to debug this? (Any tip welcome, never player around with
X code).

Besides this anoyance, X 4.2 works great, thanks a lot Branden and all
the people that helped him.


Héctor García Álvarez <hector@debian.org>

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