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Re: Unicode compose map?

   >  The alternative to the compose mechanism -- using the input method
   >  mechanism -- is just too nasty to consider.  End of offtopic.)

   Is that the same as the 'altgr' key?

No.  It's a mechansim that allows a separate process to do dictionary
lookups for East-Asian input.  The protocol is hopelessly obfuscated
(you know, job security for East-Asian i18n people).

   Great.  Can you either send me the compose files, or point me to the
   correct cvs directory?  I dont want to check out the entire source tree
   to get two files :)

Cvsweb is your friend (somewhere on www.xfree86.org).  Look for
xc/nls/compose.dir and for xc/nls/Compose/en_US.UTF-8.


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