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Re: 4.2 install report

On Jun 26, 2002 at 06:19 -0500, Steve Greenland wrote:

> I upgraded from whatever is in Debian unstable to 4.2.0pre1v1.
> Everything went smoothly, no problems. I can finally switch from the
> X console to another virtual console and back without crashing the
> server (Trident Cyberblade). Very nice.

Hm, very encouraging -- this might be the same problem that has been
bugging me (with 4.1.0-17).  If I do C-A-F1 from within X, the virtual
console comes up OK, but if I do A-F7 to get back into X, my (laptop
LCD) screen "melts" to white.  I'm not sure that the X server is
crashed though, because I can type commands into the terminal window
in X; e.g. "chvt 1" will flip me back to a virtual console, and
C-A-Backspace will exit X.  I have the same problem when waking X up
from sleep -- melted white screen.

I didn't used to have this problem on this machine, when it used the
old svga driver under 3.x (but then the display was horribly slow).

Does this sound like your problem?  I also have a Trident Cyberblade
in this Acer 340T.

Thatcher Ulrich

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