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Re: kdm/wdm and ~/.xsession

On Mon, 24 Jun 2002 18:30:48 +0100
Dave Swegen <dswegen@software.plasmon.com> wrote:
> Nice to know I'm not going mad (or being overly stupid). Have to say
> that well and truly sucks. Oh well, I'll stick to xdm (I have an
> irrational, pathological dislike of everything gtk and gnome ;).

Well, if you are going mad, both you and Branden are ;)

Anyways, if you want to use GDM, use the "Debian" or "Default" session.
It'll use Branden's scripts. Or at the very least, ~/.xsession :)

WDM over here uses ~/.xsession without any issues (or prompting). Dunno
what the deal on that end is.

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