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Re: 4.2.0 prerelease packages, RandR

On Tue, 18 Jun 2002, Jeffrey Baker wrote:

>I installed the prerelease packages, and they work great on
>my multihead G450 + Millenium II flat panel setup.
>Absolutely no worries of any kind, except that for some
>reason the fonts section of the config file never includes
>my truetype fonts, but I digress.
>I am interested in the Resize-and-Rotate (RandR) extension
>in 4.2.0.  I see that the client (xrandr) is installed, but
>there is little documentation.  How do you load the
>extension?  There is no librandr.  I tried a number of
>"Load" lines in the config that didn't work.
>Also I understand that RandR is mutually incompatible with
>Xinerama.  Is that true?
>I want to get this extension working so I can hack GNOME 2
>to move the panels and window decorations if I rotate the
>panel from landscape to portrait.

RandR is not supported by the XFree86 4.2.0 core X server yet.  
Only the kdrive X server supports RandR.  The libs, extension are
present as are the utils however.

RandR support will likely be added to the XFree86 server in three 
pieces in order of complexity.

1) Resizing (should be all device independant)
2) Rotation (should be all or mostly device independant)
3) Depth changing (will require a lot of work in each video driver)

I'm considering working on #1 when I have time, and possibly on
#2 as well, unless someone else dives in and works on it before I
start on it.  ;o)

Keith and/or Jim probably will do #3 after #1 and #2 are done.

Hope this helps.

Mike A. Harris                  Shipping/mailing address:
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XFree86 maintainer              Ontario, Canada, P6C 5B3
Red Hat Inc.
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