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4.2.0 prerelease packages, RandR


I installed the prerelease packages, and they work great on
my multihead G450 + Millenium II flat panel setup.
Absolutely no worries of any kind, except that for some
reason the fonts section of the config file never includes
my truetype fonts, but I digress.

I am interested in the Resize-and-Rotate (RandR) extension
in 4.2.0.  I see that the client (xrandr) is installed, but
there is little documentation.  How do you load the
extension?  There is no librandr.  I tried a number of
"Load" lines in the config that didn't work.

Also I understand that RandR is mutually incompatible with
Xinerama.  Is that true?

I want to get this extension working so I can hack GNOME 2
to move the panels and window decorations if I rotate the
panel from landscape to portrait.


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