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Probably a quick question with a hard solution :O)

I'm involved in the Intimate project - Debian port to handheld devices
such as the iPAQ. Now of course we're using X. Nearly everything is
using the standard debian ARM package, but at the moment our X package
is built/hacked from a simple build done for the familiar (ipaq)

Recently I believe the Tiny-X source has been integrated into the main
XFree86 source tree...

... so of course my question - is it going to be easy to get Brandens
source package to build a xfree86-tinyx... package?

Branden are you willing (have time etc) to do it? If not I'll give it a
go, but I've never touched XFree source before and your package system
is probably way beyond my understanding :O)

Paul (prh@debian.org)

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