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GL-related X freezing

I've recently been having some problems with freezing in Quake3.  

I have a nVidia GeForce2 MX card and I'm running Debian Unstable.  My
motherboard is KT133-based and I'm running kernel version 2.4.9.

I don't know if the problem lies within XFree86, my nVidia binary
drivers, the programs themselves, or another random hardware issue.  My
log files (/var/log/XFree86.0.log) don't contain anything out of the

X freezes a couple times every day playing Quake3.  The screen freezes,
the sound cycles, and I lose control of my KB/mouse.  I can usually fix
the problem by sshing into my machine and killing X/Q3.  About 10
minutes ago, I decided to randomly fire up TuxRacer and I encountered
the same issue, leading me to believe the problems I have been
experiencing are not isolated to Q3.

How can I figure out what exactly is causing the problem?  Any log files
I should look at?  All suggestions are welcome.  Thanks.


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