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Ultra1 Creator quirks

Today I performed a fresh install of sid on an ultra1 200e creator and
I upgraded the kernel to the CVS version of vger.samba.org. I couldn't
find any reference to the bugs below in the database, has anyone else
experienced these? 

1) Running any OpenGL program with DRI hardware accleration enabled
causes massive display corruption (test with glxgears). Colors are also
rendered wrong in SDL applications using OpenGL (test with tuxracer). On
the subject of DRI, I have to remove the Load "dri" line from the
Modules section of my XF86Config file for X to start and it is indeed
using DRI without that line.

This is using xserver-xfree86 and xlibmesa3 packages version 4.1.0-1.
Setup using the sunffb driver.

2) Running mozilla (or galeon or skipstone) causes the X server to
segfault (signal 11), with or without DRI enabled (it even crashes with
Option "NoAccel"). The only error messages I get for this are:

[drm:drm_release] *ERROR* Process 222 dead, freeing lock for context 1

Fatal server error:
Caught signal 11. Server aborting

My XFree86.0.log, XF86Config, kernel config, and relevant portions of
syslog are available at http://ultrasoul.com/ultra1/

Thanks, hopefully someone seens this before and has a quick
make-me-feel-dumb reminder :)

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